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Inline Tile and Stone, license #789209, (aka Inline Kitchen and Bath), both owned by Duane Borad, charged me over $80,000 for shoddy work, incomplete work, and then abandoned the kitchen and bath remodel job after he screwed up the bath plumbing..

My very first clue as to what was forthcoming was the "light blue concrete" Borad ordered for the driveway. I now have a "two-tone" driveway. I should have cancelled the job right then.

The CSLB cited Borad for ten violations, including: didn't get permits; didn't have workmen's comp for workers; no 3-day notice to cancel; departed from building standards; no written contract; no written change orders, etc. Shoddy work includes kitchen window installed crooked, warped kitchen cabinet (Ikea) doors, no (required) GFCI outlets in kitchen; bath GFCI not installed properly and doesn't work; bathroom plumbing hot/cold water lines crossed in bath (and kitchen); water temperature control valve in bath shower failed, shower fixtures not sealed to tile, no water temp control, and no water shut-offs for the vanity sink.

I have three independent estimates at about $6,000 to get the bath plumbing repaired (it requires tearing out a wall in two places). Borad is offering less than $500, which I'm sure he thinks is very generous. (I gave him over three months, after I paid him, to fix the bath problems.)

Borad also charged for changes that don't exist, such as: repairing hall outlets (there are no outlets in the hall); charged for 4 "pot hangers" when there are no pot hangers.

This contractor also refused to correct the hot/cold water pipes in the bath and repair the water temp controller in the shower. He had OVER THREE MONTHS after I paid him in full, and then some. (His accounting was faulty.) This means he ABANDONED the job.

There was a weak un-signed contract for the bath but no written contract or change order for the kitchen, hence a lot of items that would normally be in a contract were "left out," such as window trim, floor transition strips, tile trim between the tile and the drywall in the bath, and baseboard. Since they weren't in the contract, and there was no written change order for the $56,000 kitchen, some of these items became unwritten and unapproved change orders. Other change orders, like the tile trim, window trim, and floor transition strips were simply refused by me because by then I'd had enough.

Because of the unwritten change orders the original cost of $68,700 for the bath and kitchen was over $80,000, some of which I refused to pay because of shoddy work, abandonment, and absolutely no formal accounting.

I must warn consumers that the California Contractors' State License Board (CSLB) is virtually useless when it comes to "admonishing" licensed contractors. They go out of their way to protect them and generally just "slap them on the wrist." Yes, they did cite and fine Borad but his fines were minimum, and, on my side they grossly underestimated the bath repair cost. The bonding company, SureTec, is even worse. The consumer must prove absolutely 100% that the contractor is at fault, yet, in my case, the contractor has absolutely NO PAPERWORK to show what he did, and my claim is being flushed down the toilet.

Borad has two favorite sayings: "You didn't pay for that" and "My computer crashed..."

Check this company's license (#789209) violations before you hire him. You should not have to endure the hassle and headaches that I have endured with the CSLB and SureTec bonding company for the past 18 months.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "bad quality, damaged and defective, poor customer service (cslb & suretec)" of bathroom remodeling and associated monetary loss in the amount of $10850. Inline Tile And Stone needs to "inline tile and stone needs to refund a minimum of $8,330 the cost of repairs and overcharges" according to poster's claims.

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La Mesa, California, United States #1353024

I had Duane do several projects in my condo a few years ago. I was very impressed with his work and had no issue with any of it.

The entryway floor and kitchen tile were done perfectly. The fireplace was done with limestone (my term, not sure exactly) and he created a kind of art deco design that was amazing. It is a stunning fireplace!

He then did the shower and used the large tiles to amazing advantage, so you see the way the color veins run...looks like marble. Very creative work!

to Joyce James #1363753

Joyce, thanks for the kind words. I enjoyed working with you as well and I remember you asking me to create a Frank Loyd Write looking fireplace.

Thanks for allowing me the creative freedom. I tell people about that fire place often, one of my favorites.


San Diego, California, United States #1258033

My neighbors and I have all been very pleased with Inline Tile and Stone for our various projects big and small. I am so happy that I ignored this one nasty review and went with Duane.


Ok I thought I would comment on the concrete color........ As a concrete contractor I have a lot of experience with driveway additions and trying to match the color of the existing........

Not possible ...... Further more if you think that this concrete is colored blue, then you are sadly mistaken .... The concrete in the picture is normal cement pigment .......if you want the concrete to match perfect, then the only possible way is to demo and repour everything........

Second best option would be to stain all concrete a dark color after the new concrete is properly cured...... Based on your assessment of the concrete I have doubt about your other accusations......


I want to add my review to this. We hired Inline Tile and stone to complete a bathroom remodel in our home.

We found Duane Borad to be very professional, honest and up front about all phases of our job. We were so pleased with the work on our first project that we added another.

All together Inline Tile and Stone completed both projects for a reasonable price totaling $22,500.00. We would hire Inline tile and stone again and we have referred them to our friends and family.


Most states contractors boards do very little to help consumers


Visit the website at inlinetileandstone dot org and let me know if you have had a bad experience with Inline Tile and Stone.

to DR #1529121

Are you setting up web sites to slander this company because it sure seem so. Shame on you!


Duane remodeled two bathrooms for me and did a great job. Reasonable cost, job done timely.

He even custom built a cabinet for us when we couldn't find one we liked in retail. I would recommend him and use him again.


I've used Inline Tile & Stone for numerous projects over the last 10 years years. I have always found Duane to be courteous, professional, prompt, & informative.

His costs have always been more than fair, especially considering the quality of his work. He's always willing to provide options when discussing a project to make sure we're fully informed and know what choices are available.

Questions and concerns have always been answered and addressed promptly. I've dealt with many contractors over the years and he is by far the best we've found.

Duane has helped me with the following projects over the years....

- Complete gut and remodel of kitchen: tile floors, cabinets, counter tops, etc...

- New roof, insulation, and rain gutters

- Converting our 1950's home into an open floor plan, including: removal of walls, installation of can lights, ceiling fans, new floor installation, french doors, new drywall, paint, baseboards, door casings, and so forth.

- Demo and expansion of driveway - Complete tile install in living room and kitchen on a rental property - Other smaller projects around the house

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